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Bitcoin casino is the new bitcoin trading opportunity in various games. This currency, being relatively new on the market, gives its owners various possibilities of using it in the Internet. Crypto casino is a platform perfectly prepared for users, where they can take part in betting and various gambling games. Before registering an account in a bitcoin casino, however, it’s good to know the specifics of this type of activity, as well as the possibilities offered by the platform around the Internet. Here are the most important and useful information about btc casino, worth knowing before user starts playing.

How bitcoin casino works – basic information

Bitcoin casinos are special online platforms offering users the opportunity to participate in gambling games, with the difference, however, that the currency in circulation is bitcoin, not the regular currency. Such casinos operate in a very similar way to traditional online casinos - based on a gambling system, where the winning is decided by fortune. Since the Bitcoin currency appeared on the international market, it was only a matter of time before casinos honoring this currency appeared, and as numerous statistics show, this type of gambling game gathers a comparable number of players around the world as regular online casinos. Crypto casino most often offers various types of gambling games, with different rules, so that every interested user can find something for himself. Interestingly, new bitcoin casinos usually offer a very high quality of service, fast deposits and withdrawals, as well as a rich graphic design, thanks to which taking part in games is a visually pleasing experience. In the current market you can find bitcoin gambling sites, which offer to play games based on bitcoin currency only. Along with the increasing popularity of this currency, more and more platforms of this type are being created - however, it’s worth paying special attention to the quality and, above all, the legality of such organizations, to avoid the risk of losing money or possible problems with the payment of accumulated funds. Btc gambling sites however, they undoubtedly offer an alternative for gambling players who want to try new games and explore new opportunities.

Bitcoin as a new currency – what should you know about it?

Bitcoin, which is the basic means of payment on the bitcoin casino platforms on the Internet, is a virtual currency created in 2009, the existence of which is based on extremely advanced cryptography and P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange networks, i.e. without intermediaries. Bitcoins can be used to finance various electronic transactions in a simple, fast and secure way. Bitcoin can be obtained by sharing your computer’s computing power. The cryptocurrency creation system works on the principle of a bitcoin “mine”, you need special systems and servers to get them. It’s now quite a tedious and costly process, but the lucky group who got the currency before its greatest rise in popularity are now enjoying a lot of money. For the average person, the chances of mining one bitcoin are mostly low, but not unpossible. Great computing power is needed, obtained from entire farms of powerful servers. Nevertheless, thousands of internet users around the world trade bitcoins, making various payments and also using the currency in gambling games. The greatest advantage of bitcoins is the convenience of use. In addition, the transferred Bitcoins are instantly transferred to the target account - regardless of the countries from which the participants take part in the transaction, which also greatly facilitates the handling of funds when participating in casino bitcoin gambling. This currency is becoming more and more often used in the world, and having it opens up a number of possibilities for online gambling bitcoin gamers.

Types of games in bitcoin casinos -a lot of possibilities!

A lot of bitcoin casinos on the Internet offer similar games, but they may differ slightly in terms of rules, number of rounds or even graphic design. Users have a lot of different games and bets to choose, from where they can place bets and use the funds in their accounts. The most popular games in these casinos are e.g.

  • Roulette,
  • Blackjack,
  • slot machines
  • Card games such as poker
  • Live casino with a real dealer
  • Baccarat

Most of the games mentioned above were invented even in the 16th century, and since then they have been successfully used in gambling activities. Roulette and blackjack are by far the most popular of them - for example, when playing roulette, you can place a bet on one of the numbers on which you predict, that the ball will stop when the reel stops spinning. You can also bet on one of the two colors or on an equal or unequal number. Everything is in your hands!

The most popular technologies in bitcoin casinos

Modern technological solutions, colorful graphics and eye-catching graphics are one of the best crypto casino hallmarks. The creators of such platforms have made great efforts to make them transparent and visually pleasant for users. However, it’s the functionality of best bitcoin casinos 2022 that is the most important and at the same time the most noteworthy. The platforms work on the basis of modern technology and systems, that facilitate their use, and also allow many games to take place.  An interesting technology likely used by crypto casino is the RNG technology, thanks to which fully automated games take place without the presence of a dealer. Additionally, thanks to modern solutions, users can play and place bets comfortably. Mobile applications are well suited not only to different types of phones, but most of all they are compatible with various games available at btc casino. This is very important for convenience and functionality, because not all users prefer to play Ethereum Casino via a computer - some like to place bets via the mobile app. In addition, for the safety of users, each good btc casino has special data encryption techniques, thanks to which users’ data and funds are completely safe and resistant to any hacker attacks. The last, interesting technology used in bitcoin gambling is blockchain technology, which, to put it simply, does not allow the information provided by third parties to be changed. Hackers are unable to obtain or overwrite the transmitted data. So users can say that technology really protects them and their funds, and btc casino is a technologically secure place to spent time in.

Mobile game at bitcoin casinos - what are the options?

Mobile applications for the phone and the game via the internet platform, the player has the option to take part in games via a dedicated application or directly via a computer on the website. The phone applications are visually very well prepared, they are good and functional to use. Each available game at btc casino in the mobile version synchronizes with the smartphone, thanks to which the image, functionality and full functionality are adjusted - contrary to appearances, this is of great importance for the quality of using the available games. Every good btc casino has both a computer and a mobile option for its users, which allows them to choose the best method of access. All games available in mobile applications are the same as on online platforms, it’s rare for the users to be unable to take part in the game due to the lack of access to, for example, a mobile application. What is also interesting, that the high quality and technical advancement that can be observed in such mobile applications can be a great incentive for players who can make bets in the game from anywhere, without the need to access a computer.

Bonuses in bitcoin casinos – advantages for users

Almost all crypto casinos offer attractive start-up bonuses and great promotions for returning players. What users can expect it welcome bonuses, bonuses from specific deposit thresholds, e.g. the 200% up to $ 1000 bonus, some offer their players the opportunity to generate income by sharing their winnings with their token holders and/or active players. Free spins are a welcome way to award players a bonus. Instead of topping up your casino balance with a modest amount of bitcoins, a crypto-casino can offer a no deposit bonus of 100 free spins, a “no deposit bonus” is a promotional offer often given to new players who sign up and fund their accounts using cryptocurrencies. In return for registering at online casino, the player receives a small amount of the “bonus” in bitcoins. Cashback bonuses can be found at many online casinos. They come in the form of daily, weekly and monthly bonuses for regular players and even a welcome bonus. These bonuses can help players reduce their losses.

Live bitcoin casinos - rules and safety of the game

In addition to the basic games mentioned in the previous paragraphs, live games are also very popular, providing players with a lot of excitement. Live Bitcoin gambling is based on the fact that they are run by a real dealer, not a computer system - thanks to this, the game takes on a real dimension for users who can feel like in a real casino. The broadcast is live, and all interactions with the dealer take just a few clicks on the smartphone screen or on the computerThe game is played with the same rules as in traditional land-based casinos and is completely safe. The entire course of the game is governed by strict rules, and the dealers who initiate the game are well trained not only in the games they play, but most of all in their interaction with the players. Top crypto casinos players taking part in such a game live have the opportunity to interact with a real dealer, which adds authenticity to the game, and arouses great emotions, just like in a regular casino. Such games are very popular due to the reality of this experience, which is often missing, for example, in automatic system games at casino with bitcoin. Such an alternative to live play is an interesting choice for players who are looking for greater excitement and an authentic experience. Is bitcoin gambling legal? Absolutely! Bitcoin casino platforms are especially legal and safe, as they have the appropriate certificates and have clear and specific regulations available to players on their website. Before starting the activoty on specific platform, user should check these informations and make sure, that his funds will be safe.

How payments are made in bitcoin casinos?

To start playing at the best bitcoin casino of your choice, first you need to make a payment. The first step in using bitcoin as a means of payment is to set up a bitcoin wallet - on the Internet you can find a whole lot of dedicated applications or websites that provide this opportunity. Then it’s necessary to make a payment for the purchase of bitcoins, used later for the game - you can pay for them with a credit card or a regular transfer. Once it is ready, we can make the payment at the bitcoin casino. All you need to do is select the payment option available on the website, and then follow the instructions to finally confirm the transaction. The whole thing does not take more than a few minutes. Most of the top bitcoin gambling sites have a very simple and clear payment process, both in terms of depositing funds and withdrawals afterwards. The bought bitcoins appear on the player’s crypto casino account immediately after payment, so it’s not necessary to wait too long for verification and release of funds. As a curiosity, it’s worth adding that some casinos allow users to bet and play with Bitcoin, while others will automatically convert bitcoins into the currency supported by individual games. It all depends on the game you choose, as well as the specific crypto casino.

Choosing a bitcoin casino – what to consider?

Due to the popularity of a good btc casino, it can be difficult for users to choose a specific platform. We can find a lot of them online, but it turns out, that not all of them are trustworthy and worth paying more attention to. Best bitcoin gambling sites stand out from the rest, mainly due to easily accessible regulations, with information about a specially granted gambling license. This is a completely basic matter, that provides users not only with the possibility to play, but above all with security and legal protection. If there are no such rules on the chosen btc gambling site, or it’s not very clearly written, it may be a sign for interested users that the activity is not entirely legal and safe. Additionally, when choosing platforms, it’s worth paying special attention to bitcoin gambling reviews, which allow users to get detailed information about bonuses, available games, as well as issues useful for new players. Internet rankings can be also a source of information, which collect data from the entire network, and usually show reliable and up-to-date information on a specific btc casino. Before making a choice regarding a specific casino, it’s worth getting as much information as possible - it will allow to make the right choice and, above all, avoid the risk of fraud and loss of funds, which, due to unfair gambling activities, can unfortunately be an unpleasant surprise.

Are games in bitcoin casinos legal?

Gambling activities are ruled by numerous laws and regulations, depending on the country in which the casino operates. However, from the player’s point of view, it’s completely legal activity that allows him to participate in gambling and use his own funds collected in a virtual wallet. The currency itself used in such casinos is also fully functional in the financial market, so its value is as important as traditional means of payment. Bitcoin casinos gather a lot of users, who are looking for new impressions and experiences, and advanced technology and graphics give them exactly what they expect. Doubts related to this are most often caused by the lack of knowledge about bitcoin, which is just gaining popularity. Nevertheless, online bitcoin gambling is an alternative for players who want to try something new and are open to new experiences. The choice of such platforms on the market is really wide, so it’s worth getting acquainted with them and choosing the one that will most likely meet their expectations. Carefully created gambling platforms are not only legal, but above all safe - game participants can be absolutely sure that their funds collected in the wallet as well as personal data are completely safe thanks to encryption. Modern technology goes hand in hand with visual impressions and safety, that’s why it offers exactly what users need to have a good time.

If we choose correctly, and start the game in a specific bitcoin sports gambling platform, we can be sure that the win or lose will be fate, and not an unfairly configured system.